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    Fast-track your career with a carefully crafted entry level resume, emphasizing your abilities and skill-sets while displaying your enthusiasm and motivation to take on newer responsibilities...
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    Advance to higher levels of responsibility and growth with a tailor-made professional resume that presents a unique blend of your technical expertise, managerial soft-skills and your ability to meet challenges...
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    Develop a sophisticated executive/senior level resume that showcases your track record, highlights your business achievements, emphasizes visionary leadership and sets you apart...

Why should an expert write your resume?

In a competitive job market, having a compelling and job-winning resume is absolutely critical. You will be selected or rejected based on what you have presented in your resume. A less-than-perfect resume may not just cost you the job you want, but a huge amount of money in missed opportunity costs over your long term career.


The ideal resume:

Recruiters make a 'select' or 'reject' decision based on the image you project through your resume. Busy recruiters screen hundreds of resumes and pick just a few. Each resume may not be given more than 10 seconds. The design, content and structure of your resume needs to be perfect to help a recruiter make a positive decision. Your resume needs to portray your skills, competencies, achievements and potential in a professional and classy manner.  Unstructured content, unfocused summary, irrelevant or missing skill-sets, clutter, bad strategy and vague statements will cause your resume to be rejected outright, regardless of how good a candidate you are. On the other hand, a professionally written resume will help increase your response rate significantly.


How we help:

Our writers possess extensive domain expertise, years of functional work experience, deep knowledge of the recruitment scene and resume strategizing skills. We develop a personalised resume for you based on your functional skills, background, strengths and career aspirations. We determine the aspects to highlight and the aspects to eliminate or de-emphasise. We place strategic keywords so that your resume gets noticed by recruiters as well as by electronic Applicant Tracking Systems that use parsing algorithms to screen applicants. We recommend a strategy and structure that's best suited to your needs. Our goal is single minded: Craft you a resume to get you that crucial interview call.



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“… you guys have done it! I have just joined [company name] as CFO with a great job profile and pay package! Having an expert work on my resume really did bring out the best in my profile … ”

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