Our Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We guarantee you 100% Satisfaction with our Resume Writing Service. If you are not satisfied with the resume draft, we will re-write your resume for free.

    Guarantee on Resume Quality
    If you are not satisfied with your resume draft, we will re-write your resume for free. We will keep working on your draft until you are completely satisfied. Our writing team will be in touch with you to seek inputs and clarifications. If by any chance you are still not satisfied, then you may write to us and we will look into the matter. If we find any discrepancies in the quality, look or content of the resume, we provide an option of changing the writer to suit your requirement.

    Guarantee on Confidentiality and Data Privacy
    We also ensure 100% privacy on every bit of information that we received in the process of resume creation. We ask information relevant to the task at hand and no other questions are asked of you. The confidentiality clauses at every stage of resume development at our end are unbending. Our executives and writers work under strict confidentiality agreements and clauses in their employment contracts.

  • We realize that you are about to entrust us with the most important document of your life, and we know just how important it is to deliver. This is our commitment. The increasing list of referrals year-on-year demonstrates the excellence of our performance and the passion with which we service every order.

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