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    Work With The Industry #1
    Resume Factor is a top vendor for resume writing services, and one of the largest dedicated resume development companies in the world. Apart from rock-solid reliability, you get superior customer service, superb resume quality and fast turn-around-times. Our writers are the crème-de-la-creme of the industry with years of work experience and domain knowledge under their belt. Read more about Resume Factor.

    Get Your Clients Hired
    Our resumes just WORK! Our professionally developed resumes maximise the chances of your clients getting hired. Our resumes are uniquely tailored to highlight your clients' best attributes and dramatically increase hiring chances. Our resume experts craft resumes to market your clients' strengths, skills and accomplishments in the best possible manner.

    Maximise Profits From a Non-Core Product
    Tying up with us is a great way to earn extra revenue from a side product which is not your core offering. You can focus on your core competence - recruitment - while we take care of the resume writing part. You can charge whatever you desire, you enjoy full control over your own end-price to your client. Besides, our cost to you is very low, enabling you to maximise profits. Inquire about a tie-up today.

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    Give Your Clients a WOW Experience!
    We understand the value of your brand and reputation. We pull out all stops to ensure that your client is delighted! Apart from providing a high-quality first draft, we keep working on your resume until your client is completely satisfied. We ensure that we provide a superb end-user experience. Check some actual jobseeker testimonials here.

    Rest Easy With Our Data Confidentiality Policy
    Resume Factor was founded as a core Resume Writing Company from the start, and it remains so. We are not into recruitment of head-hunting. There is no conflict of interest with your business, and your client data will not be misused under any circumstance. Read our iron-clad privacy policy here.

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"We are glad we partnered with you. Our success rate has significantly scaled up and the financial returns are quite remarkable ..."

A leading placement service provider
New York, USA

"Working in an old-fashioned way wasn't good for business at our firm. Resume Factor has helped us offer new products, provided a reliable back-end solution, and of course, outstanding resumes!"

A group engaged in providing physical and virtual staffing services
Adelaide, Australia

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