Corporate Testimonials

Here are some of the many unsolicited appreciations and testimonials that we receive from clients every day.
(Note: Company, agency, recruiter, and headhunter names and personal information are protected for privacy purposes.)

"Thanks to you guys, we can concentrate on leveraging our core-competence – recruitments – while you take care of the resume writing part. …"

A well-established employment solutions provider

San Francisco, US

"We needed to offer more services to attract and retain clients. We needed to evolve. Resume Factor provides excellent resumes and unmatched customer support which has been getting better consistently. …"

A recognized staffing solutions provider

Glasgow, UK

"We are glad to have chosen you as the vendor for resume writing services. Our clients love the service, and our in-house customer care team speaks highly of your responsiveness and commitment to quality. …"

A major employment services company

Penang, Malaysia

"We had tried some part-time writers earlier with frustrating results. Working with you guys was like a breath of fresh air. We prefer your rock-solid reliability, commitment, and quality over small cookie-cutter writers any day. …"

Headhunting unit of a large corporate HR consultant

London, UK

"… the effective makeover of old resumes has enhanced professional profiles of our clients in the job market. Our clients highly appreciate the value provided throughout the process of resume development! …"

A Headhunting company


"… we have received rave reviews from a huge number of industry people about our clients' resumes… this is definitely a major contributor to our good score now in both domestic and international markets. …"

A Staffing services major

Qatar, UAE

"… want to thank you for delivering fabulous resumes time and again. We sent out some resumes you made for our clients to a senior HR executive of a Fortune 500 company for review, and he thought the resumes were good enough to impress him. He could not pick any deficiencies in the resumes. Way to go!!! …"

A well established recruitment agency

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Your resumes work like magical wands… our clients have flooded us with positive feedback on almost every feature of the resume. …"

An employment services company

Dubai, UAE

"… fantastic working with you… our executives are forever upbeat about placements after they see the drafts delivered. Thank you for making it a wonderful association. …"

A subsidiary unit of a major Staffing services company

Sharjah, UAE

"… you people have perfected the art of resume writing and customer service. Thank you for contributing to our growth and performance. …"

A widely known recruitment agency

Preston, UK

"The difference between the 'before' and 'after' versions is incredible... having read numerous first-rate resume drafts, we are now all the more convinced about our decision to get resumes written from you. …"

A widely known staffing agency

New Jersey, US

"… we like working with you guys... your professionalism and commitment is infectious. …"

A well known online employment portal

Bradford, UK

"Our clients are very happy with the swift response time and processing … they usually have the resume ready in around 56 hours. Our customer satisfaction scores show upward progress all the time. …"

A well known job enrollment agency

Dhaka, UAE

"We receive appreciation mails for resumes and successful placements, in that order! Thank you for being an excellent vendor. …"

A recognized job portal


"We really admire Resume Factor's style of work… they can transform the most difficult of resumes to crisp, comprehensive drafts… with superb results! …"

A recognized staffing solutions provider

Philadelphia, US

"Resume Factor's turnaround times are great… you get rave reviews internally. …"

A major headhunting group

Nottingham, UK

"… you guys read between the lines and meet requirements faultlessly… that's what we admire the most… the hassle-free end result! …"

Major headhunters in the region

Philadelphia, US

"… Impeccable results… Resume Factor is the catalyst we had been looking for, to sky-rocket our operations. …"

A major job enrollment organization

Chicago IL, US

"Resume Factor has taken care of our resume writing requirements in a commendable manner. We find the resumes to be precise, classy, professional yet highly personalized. It suits our requirements perfectly, we are getting results! …"

A Leading contract workers agency

Bradford, UK

"Excellent work… brilliant outcomes. We hope to continue the victory march next year too! …"

A staffing solutions company

Perth, Australia

"We had been doing well in the recruitment business since 18 years. In the last 5 years or so, we started encountering tough competition from online job portals who also offered new services like resume writing. We needed to get a resume writing product in place. You guys have solved our problem really well. It's a delight working with you. …"

A well-known recruitment services company

Columbus, USA

"Terrific resumes … and the PDF versions look like a million dollars! …"

A popular HR Consulting firm

Portsmouth, UK

"Anybody looking for a professional resume… we'd recommend Resume Factor. The amount one pays is actually a tiny price for the peace of mind in return!"

A manpower staffing agency specializing in real estate

Chicago, USA